• distribuční systém zaměřený na tradiční potraviny nejen, ale zvláště  Mexické provenience. Kultura, ekosystém, trvalá udržitelnost. Bráníme se elitismu v gastronomii. 

  • Agave Spirits
    Agave Spirits

    We are a Czech based company with a Mexican heart. The brands we select are carefully chosen to offer the finest and most original products to the European market. 

  • Stánek 2
    Stánek 2

    Naše vlastní produkce netypických jídel a nápojů. 

  • La Cuenca de Miguel
    La Cuenca de Miguel "LCM"

    Všechno to začalo v Řecku v roce 2000. Nabízí mexická jídla hlavně tamale, aby byla známa kultura, chuť a mexická tradice.

  • Las Margaritas
    Las Margaritas

    Las Margaritas offers cocktails and small foods inspired in Latin American tastes. For this event our menu includes from Mexico and the Caribbean beaches margaritas, mojitos, caipirinha and lemonades, and from Venezuela arepas reina pepiada, beef empanadas, and guasacaca sauce. Stop by for some good sabor latino!

  • Nectar Peace and Love Food
    Nectar Peace and Love Food

    Veganská kuchyň, mexický projekt původně ve městě Veracruz v Mexiku. 

Sugued Serrano

“Food Sovereignty of corn in Latin America”


Corn is deeply ingrained in Latino Americans DNA, attached to our identity and culture, and for many, corn is a main source of food and living.

But, what has been the role of corn in the development of agriculture and food supply in Latino America? And what challenges corn and 620 million of Latinos are facing? In other words, how corn was/is/will be feeding this part of the world? Let’s have a talk about it, and dig more into the topic together.


About Sugued: She studied Agro-industrial engineering in Chapingo University, Mexico. After some work experience, she studied MSc in Food Safety in Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Currently working as consultant and market analyst of agro and energy industries. Passionate about food sustainability and a naive believer that a better future is possible. 

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